The Asylum Seekers Support group in EU
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We provides free, confidential information, help and guidance for refugees, asylum seekers and immigration detainees in EU .
 We are an independent charity and we are not a government agency -

If you are an asylum seeker,we can assist you with a range of services including getting legal advice on your application for protection, accommodation and financial relief. We prioritise those people with the greatest need and who are unable to access Government support or get help from any other organisations.

If you would like help from us please email us at

Our Services :-

If you are homeless or about to become homeless. we can help you find short term accommodation straight away so that you are safe and not forced to sleep on the street. We will then help you find somewhere to live longer term.

Legal Advice:-
We can help you obtain free legal advice about your application for protection from a range of legal providers. The support available varies depending on the stage of your application.

Financial Relief:-
 we can provide you with emergency financial relief if you have no other source of income. We will then help you find longer term financial support from other not-for-profit organisations.

Our Education Service provides free English and computer classes in a small, welcoming setting.

Recreation & Social Support:-

Our Recreation Service can help you stay fit and healthy, provide you with a creative outlet and enable you to meet other people in a social environment. It helps to foster connections within our community and the local area. We offer regular sport and fitness classes as well as creative activities that include gardening, art, writing and music classes.

Health Service:-

If you are ineligible for Medicare and do not have any financial income, our Health Service team can assist you with your general health care.

Our services include health care assessments, medical and oral health consultations, mental health counselling, physiotherapy, osteopathy, referrals, education and advocacy. All of these services are supplied pro bono by our broad network of health care providers.

We provide:-

    General health information in your own language

    Women’s health information


Any information you give to our Health Service team is confidential. This means that we will not pass on your personal information to any other person or organisation without your prior consent (unless we believe there is a serious risk to your safety or somebody else’s safety).